Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Update

Volunteers Needed:
April 25th we are making our clipboards for our service learning project! We will need a minimum of 4 adults to help!  Tasks will include: helping the kids arrange their letters and words onto scrapbook paper to form a collage, helping the kids decoupage their collage onto the clipboard, helping set up and clean up, and helping students write a friendship note.  If you are available on the 25th from 8-10:40 and would like to help, please email me.  Thank you so much!

We worked on counting and recording the lids we are collecting, played several addition games (Frog Hop & Dice Addition) and several shape activities.  They loved building 2D and 3D shapes with spaghetti noodles and marshmallows!  An easy activity to do at home as well!

This week and next week Mrs. Fitch, our media specialist, and I are team teaching a Force and Motion Science Unit.  We are focusing on the words force, push and pull.
When this unit is completed, your child will bring home a journal of their learning for you to see.
Check out the slideshow of pictures from this week!  Ask your child what they have learned about the 3 key words above.

Mrs. Roof talked with the class about Career Paths.  She brought her puppet friends Cool Carl, Duke the Dog and Red Dog to help her.  Ask your child what career path they might take when they are older.

Next week's word wall words:

Friday, April 13, 2018

Yay Spring!

We love that it finally feels like spring!  At least for now!
The kiddos giggled with excitement as I gave them their "homework" on the early release day!  I hope there are many more days for them to spend outside!

A look at our learning...
Fundations: we are beginning a new unit in Fundations.  During this unit we will really focus on digraphs (two or three letters that go together to make one sound) and sounding fluent when we read words and sentences.  Please check the Friday Folder for a detailed note about this and ways to help at home.

Shared Reading: we read the big books He Will Not Jump and Allie and Ollie (they especially loved this book about two dogs who think they are human).  
Next week's word wall words:
Writing Workshop: we continue to learn about Opinion Writing.  We have written opinion pieces on the following topics: favorite pet, favorite food, if they could go on a field trip where would they go, if they could travel to a place where would they go. It isn't hard for a Kindergartener to have an opinion, but it is a bit tougher to give at least 3 reasons WHY we feel that way.  We are trying to move beyond reasons such as it was fun or I liked it.  We are trying to write specific reasons about why we feel that way.  

Math: please see the note that came home on Thursday asking for bottle caps.  We are collecting these items for the next 2 weeks to help with some math activities.  We will be counting, graphing, sorting, etc. the bottle caps.  They can be bottle caps of various sizes. 
In the pictures below we are working with our bead bracelets and math notebooks to make different combinations of numbers.  

Makerspace: on Friday we spent an hour in the Makerspace with Mrs. Fitch.  What is Makerspace? Click here if you aren't sure.  The kids always love this time and are very creative!  They are bringing home many of their creations today!  They were most impressed with the Ozobots and button machine.  (click to make photos larger)

We had fun celebrating Mr. Woods birthday today!
Check out these cute golfers!
They are practicing their swing in the first one.

Today for our Friday craft we made a Spring bulletin board.  It turned out so cute!

Don't forget:
Monday-BEU Spirit Wear Day
Tuesday-PJ Day for our class

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cuteness Overload!

Our 3rd grade buddies in Mrs. King's class let us have their chicks again this afternoon. To say our kiddos were excited and so in love is an understatement!  
Chicks and Kinders....doesn't get much cuter!
  Tomorrow they will leave BEU for the farm.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Today we were chick-sitters for Mrs. King's 3rd grade class!
Mrs. King had to be gone for a full day meeting, so she asked us to watch her baby chicks instead of leaving them with a substitute teacher!  We were more than happy to do this!
They were all born overnight and we got to see them change throughout the day!  Once they were nice and fluffy and alert we were able to hold them and touch them!  So exciting!
They are going to visit us again on Thursday afternoon!