Thursday, January 19, 2017

Busy, Busy Bees!

Another busy week of trying to play catch up from our "ice day" last Friday and no school on Monday. Not only that, but Miss Nemechek and I were out Thursday afternoon for meetings in regards to her student teaching and I am out today for a personal day that was planned forever ago. I am excited for a normal, 5 day week next week to help with routine.  

This week we welcomed our awesome student teacher from Mizzou, Nicole Nemechek. Check your child's Friday Folder for a note from Nicole and a permission slip that she needs you to sign and return.  We are excited and lucky to have her in our classroom!  There will be times from now until the end of April where we teach together, where I teach and she observes/helps out and where she teaches alone and I observe/help out.  The kids are so lucky to have TWO teachers in their classroom for the rest of the year!

(since it is a tricky word, but one they use often in reading and writing, 
there will only be one new word next week)

Be Kind, Be Respectful
Last week started our 5 weeks of learning about our school expectations at BEU.  Last week we focused on being kind.  Our 3rd grade buddies in Mrs. Dunn's classroom showed kindness by teaching our class and Mrs. Edgar's special education class board games.  This was originally scheduled for last Friday, but due to the snow day we rescheduled and played on Tuesday.  The kids had a blast and made many new friends ! We hope to do things with Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Edgar's class again throughout the rest of the school year!  
This week we focused on being respectful & were able to celebrate with hat day on Friday

(click on pictures to enlarge)

Speaking of kind and respectful, it was a MUCH better week at specials! The specialists were happy to report that the kiddos did a much better job of listening, following directions, having safe bodies and being respectful to others.  
Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your support at home with this over the last week.  It is greatly appreciated and I love that we can all work as a team from home and school!  You guys are awesome!

January Lunch with the Principal
Yay Ty!  He was chosen to have lunch with Dr. Majerus on Wednesday!


Don't forget to turn in the Brown Bag Lunch RSVP by Tuesday! If you need a new one, please let me know ASAP.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Golden Broom Award

Yay!  Our class won the Golden Broom Award for the 2nd time this school year!  This award is picked each week by the janitors based on how well students take care of their classrooms.  There is a K-2 winner and a 3-5 winner!  
Way to go!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stay Warm and Safe!

This video always makes me laugh and I just had to share!  So happy that CPS called off school tomorrow so that we don't have a repeat of 12/16 and I hope you all can stay at home, safe and warm, with your little ones!

A look at our learning this week...

Fundations:  We have now learned how to correctly form all lowercase and uppercase letters of the alphabet.  During our Fundations time, the children do a great job forming the letters correctly.  However, I have noticed that when they write outside of our Fundations time period, they do not always form the letters correctly.   When your child is writing at home, PLEASE reinforce the proper letter formation that was learned at school.  Fundations packets have come home in the Friday Folder weekly that inform you of the correct verbal prompts to say and ensure your child is writing correctly.  I encourage you to use these prompts with your child when you see them forming letters incorrectly or if you are unsure of how they should correctly form each letter.  Proper letter formation is so important.  If they do not have proper letter formation, they are spending their writing time focusing/struggling with how to form a letter when they need to be focusing on the craft of writing (adding details, writing sentences, etc.)   We want writing to be easy and effortless and their thoughts focused on the deeper parts of their writing.  

Shared Reading: We read the books What is it? and Go In to help us learn our new spelling words.  We also read a poem about Martin Luther King, Jr.  


Daily 5: This week while the children work at their Daily 5 centers, I have been assessing children one-on-one in reading.  They have done a great job in their reading groups that we started in November and most have moved up at least 1 reading level, if not more!  I will finish up assessments next week. The week of January 23rd they will be in their new reading groups based on their assessment scores and with children at the same ability level.  I have some great little readers! 

Math:  We will continue our unit on non-standard measurement throughout the month of January.  This week we played a game called Grab and Count.  Ask your child about this measurement activity.  On Thursday we made a cute snowman craft that tied into our measurement unit.  Everyone's snowman was a different size, based on how many letters are in their first name.  If their name has 5 letters in it, they received 5 snowballs to make their snowman (one for each letter of their name) and one more for the head.  We hung these snowmen on the bulletin board outside our classroom.  We learned that Ty has the shortest name in our class (2 letters) and Madison and Bradlen are tied for the longest name (7 letters.)  I forgot to take a picture to share with you before leaving today.  

Writing: We are working on "telling more" when we write.  Ask your child about their new, 3 page writing booklets that help them write more details in their stories.  

Social Studies: We read several books and watched several short videos to learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and why we celebrate him on Monday.  We learned that he was a kind person who wanted everyone to get along.  Ask your child what they have learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. It is so sweet to hear them talk about his dream and how it came true!  This tied in perfectly with our schools focus on "Be Kind" this week!  This is one of our favorite videos we watched this week.  Our class just loves Kid President! 

BEU Spelling Bee: Information came home last week about the BEU spelling bee.  I will hold our class spelling bee on Wednesday.  The top 2 spellers from our class will be announced during the school wide (3-5 grade) spelling bee next week.  A list of words to practice came home in last week's Friday Folder if your child is interested.  Every child will participate in the class spelling bee, but it is totally optional if you choose to study the words with your child.  It is just for fun and they ARE NOT expected to know how to spell all of those words for a grade.  

Welcome Miss Nemechek!!

On Tuesday, our class will welcome Miss Nicole Nemechek as a student teacher! Nicole is a senior at MU and will be completing her student teaching in our classroom from now until the end of April. She spent a few days in our classroom in December getting to know everyone and the kids already love her.  She will be doing a future blog post or newsletter to introduce herself.  Please welcome her to our Kindergarten family! 


We will have our school-wide morning meeting in the gym on Tuesday!  Don't forget to have your kiddos wear their BEU gear!  


I hope you are able to stay in with your kiddos this weekend! Have fun reading to them, play some good ol' fashioned board games, put together puzzles, ask them to write you a story, work on handwriting or word wall words and of course snuggle up with some hot cocoa and a good movie!    

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy 2017!

I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break!  I sure enjoy my time off, but LOVE coming back and seeing my sweet kiddos again!  

This week we have focused on re-building routines, reviewing classroom and school-wide expectations and getting back in the groove of things.  Next week will be full on learning and on schedule again!

Next week's new spelling words: in, if, it 

A few highlights from our week...

Math-we began a new unit on measurement.  We are focusing on non-standard measurement. So far this week we have measured items with snap cubes and our hands.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Makerspace-We participated in Makerspace Friday again with Mrs. Fitch.  This time we learned about the word hobbies.  We learned that creating art with duct tape is one cool hobby that people can have.  We made bookmarks out of duct tape.  Your child could bring theirs home or leave at school in their book box.  

Creativity Lesson with Mrs. Cardetti- We had our 2nd lesson with Mrs Cardetti from the gifted center.  She does 3 lessons a year with all Kindergartners in the district.  The lessons focus on creativity and being fluent, flexible thinkers aka "thinking outside the box."  The first lesson in the fall the students turned "a nothing into something" and today they were inventors and made inventions they are bringing home.  Ask your child about this lesson! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

We have a new friend!

We are so excited to have a new friend in our class!  
Say hello to Zephyr!  He just moved here from Texas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas!

It was a wonderful day full of so much fun!  We started our morning with a whole school sing-a-long in the gym!  Check out a few songs in the video below! Even Flash the Timber-wolf got into the holiday spirit!  We also celebrated December birthdays at the morning meeting!  Ember and Mason are our December birthdays!

Then we had donuts and milk for Mason's birthday!  What a fun day for a birthday!  After that, we finished wrapping presents for YOU!  Your child brought home a gift bag just for mom's and dad's, but you must wait to open it until Christmas!  I mean it's only fair if they have to wait for their Santa gifts!  It is breakable, so be careful!  

Next we had our cozy time and watched The Polar Express.

We ended our day with our AMAZING winter party!  We had fun decorating sugar cookies, making reindeer thumbprint ornaments and playing a silly snowman game!  THANK YOU THANK YOU to all the wonderful parents who sent in supplies, money or came to help!  It is greatly appreciated and the kids had a blast!  THANK YOU to our awesome room mothers, Jackie and Mara for all their hard work organizing it.  

Click on the video below to see the fun game!  The rest are pictures.  

Another big THANK YOU for all the wonderful gifts I received!  Your children are a gift to teach every single day and I am truly blessed!  I am so happy I left my comfort zone (teaching at the same school for the last 12 years)  and chose to teach at this new, wonderful school because it has been nothing but amazing!  I love all the individual gifts, as well as my class gifts that everyone chipped in for!  (personal laminator, laminating sheets, Starbucks gift cards, Chick-fil-A gift cards and calendar for the classroom and a Bluetooth speaker!)  WOW! You guys totally out did yourselves and I am blown away and beyond grateful and thankful!  

In your child's backpack is a gift from me to them.....a picture book and a box of math manipulatives!  I hope they enjoy!  

Have a WONDERFUL winter break, a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!  I will see you and your sweet children in 2017!
Mrs. Concannon

Friday, December 16, 2016

December Citizen of the Month and weekly update

Congratulations to Stella!
She was chosen by her classmates 
as December Citizen of the Month!

A look at our week...

I tried to keep a pretty normal routine all week (for my sanity haha) but we have thrown in several fun, holiday things as well, as you saw on yesterday's blog post!  Jack, our classroom elf, was much happier this week with the kiddos behavior and so was I!  He even brought us candy canes today as a reward!

Fundations: we continue to quickly review the proper letter formation of the uppercase letters.  You can look in your weekly packet to see which ones we went over this week.  We also learned about word families, specifically the -at, -ug, -an word families.  We also have a new word family center at Daily 5 time. 

Shared Reading/Spelling: to help us learn our new spelling words, yes and no, we read the books I Can Help and He Said No.  We also learned a fun new poem called, Santa, that is sung to the tune of Bingo.  Ask your kiddo to sing it for you!  

I will NOT introduce any new spelling words until the first full week after winter break, January 9th.  Until then, keep reviewing the current list over break.  I have attached it to the email.  Find ways to make practicing fun!  Just make sure you include ways that has your child writing and reading the words.  Often times I find they can write the words, but then can't read them in text.  It's odd, but true! 

Daily 5/Guided Reading Groups: Ask your child what Daily 5 choices they went to this week.  Ask them which Daily 5 choice is their favorite and why.  Ask your child what books they learned how to read during their guided reading groups.  

Math: we made some awesome paper chains that represent teen numbers.  It also helped us see how ALL teen numbers are a group of 10 plus some more. 

Writing Workshop: we continue to work on sounding out words to help us spell, putting spaces in between our words when we write and telling more details.  I am encouraging all kiddos to move beyond telling just one sentence and trying to add a second sentence to their stories.  

Social Studies: this week we learned the difference between Needs and Wants.  It is often hard for 5-6 year olds to understand that they don't need toys, video games, etc. but this group did a great job with it!  We learned that needs are things you must have to survive and wants are just nice to have.  We watched a Berenstain Bears video about a case of the gimmies, sorted some pictures together in a pocketchart of things that were needs and wants and made the cute needs and wants stockings that came home on Thursday.  I thought this tied in nicely with Christmas coming up.  We had some great discussions on this topic this week!