Friday, September 22, 2017

BMX Bike Show

Today was the BMX Bike Show to celebrate the end of the holiday fundraiser by PTA.  Our school did such an amazing job selling items that they decided to let EVERYONE attend the show, even if they didn't sell 3 items.  The kids loved it! 

Brendan was the top seller in our class!
He got VIP seating and autographs!

Mr Woods about to be jumped over!

Check out the video of Mr. Woods!!


Happy 1st day of Fall!

Happy 1st day of Fall!
Don't forget--NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!

Check out our learning from this week...

Fundations: we learned the letter name, sound and correct letter formation for the lowercase c and o.  Please use the following verbal prompts when practicing at home:
c-over, around, open
o-over, around, close
Check the Friday Folder for the weekly Fundations packet to find out more ways we'd love your help at home.

Shared Reading: this week our new word wall word was at.  We read 2 big books that featured this word, as well as our older words: Look at me and We are.  
In the pictures below they are highlighting the word at in their own copies of these books. 

 Next week's new word wall word:
Please help your child practice at home as we will begin weekly spelling tests in October.

Daily 5: ask your child what Daily 5 center they went to this week.  They currently go to one center a day, but next week we will be moving to 2 centers a day.  We have the following centers so far: classroom library, books on cd, computers, writing, pocketchart, lacing letters, whiteboards, puzzles, name writing and friends name books. 
You can also ask your child about Read to Self time and what we do during this time.  We also do this daily right after our Daily 5 centers.

Math: please see the weekly homelinks in the Friday Folder to further extend their learning at home.  In the pictures below they are working with a partner describing how their shape cards are similar and different. We also worked a lot on creating, extending and explaining patterns this week.  

Writing: this week we began learning where writers get ideas for stories.  We read the wonderful book Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox to help us.  In this story a little boy learns what memories are and that memories can be happy, sad, as precious as gold, scary, etc.  We then talked about how we can write about memories we have, from now or long ago.  We created this chart to help us when we are stuck on what to write about. The kids came up with all of these wonderful ideas for stories!
Please know that "writing" right now mostly consists of drawing and that is ok!  Drawing is a huge part of writing.  Some kiddos are starting to label their drawings with sounds they hear and that is great.  For example: one little boy was writing about playing with his power ranger toys and he wrote "pr" for power rangers.  We made a HUGE deal about this and hopefully more will start to do this as well.  Next week my lessons will really focus on doing our best to write the sounds we hear to add words to our drawings. I will be modeling this daily. 

Recess Fun!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September Citizen of the Month

Congratulations Jude!
He was chosen as our September Citizen of the Month!

Every month the students vote for one friend in their class who they think do a great job following the 5 BEU expectations: Kind, Respectful, Responsible, Positive, Problem Solver.  This is a secret, private vote and they don't find out who won until it is announced at the monthly Citizen of the Month assembly.  Our assembly is held with the 1st graders. There is one winner from each K-1 class. Check out the bulletin boards across from the library to see all K-5 winners for this month!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Creativity lesson with Mrs. Cardetti

Today was our first lesson with Mrs. Cardetti from the CPS Gifted Center.  She visits everyone Kindergarten classroom in the district 3 times a year: fall, winter, spring.
Today they learned to be fluent, flexible thinkers and to "think outside the box."  They turned "nothings into somethings." Check out your child's work in their take home folder tonight.

Today was the last day to turn in donations for Hurricane Harvey relief.  The 5th graders will box the items for Dr. Majerus to drive down to Texas on Thursday & Friday. THANK YOU for your generosity!

Please turn in your holiday fundraising packets tomorrow!
Every child that sells at least 3 items will get to attend the BMX bike show at school on Friday!
We didn't plan to have the school fundraiser and the hurricane relief at the same time, but unfortunately we can't control nature.  Thanks for supporting both!

Friday, September 15, 2017

September Lunch with the principal

Yay Joselynn!
She was chosen to have "Lunch with the principal" 
for the month of September! 

Once a month a student from each classroom will be chosen to have "Lunch with the principal."  Today was Kindergarten's day and all 5 Kindergarten winners ate lunch with Dr. Majerus!  It is a surprise who is chosen until that day and we find out when their name is announced over the intercom at morning announcements!

A peek at our week

Twice a month a Kindergarten newsletter will come home that is from all 5 Kindergarten teachers.  Please check the Friday folder for this today. 

A look at our learning this week...

Morning Work: this is the time the students are arriving between 8-8:20.  Once they unpack they begin their morning work, which is either something on paper (right now it's their handwriting sheets to practice the letters learned in Fundations) or a morning tub.  Morning tubs are buckets of activities ranging from fine motor skills, cooperative learning, literacy, math, etc.  We alternate one day it is a paper/pencil activity and one day it is a morning tub.  Check out some pictures of the morning tubs we started this week:
ST Math morning tub
Pattern blocks to build letters tub

Patterns with snap cubes morning tub

Patterns with shapes morning tub

Puzzle morning tub-cooperative learning

Fundations: we learned the name, sound and correct letter formation for lowercase u and i. Please check the Friday Folder for ways to help at home.  
Please use the following verbal prompts with your child when they are writing the letters:
i-down, dot
u-down, curve up, down
They should now be "experts" at the following lowercase letters: t, b, f, n, m, i, u

Shared Reading: This week we learned 2 new word wall words: am  and I. We learned that when I is by itself it must always be uppercase.  We read the Big Book I am a community worker to help us learn these words.  On Friday they received their own copy of this book to keep in their book boxes to read daily at Read to Self time. 
Your child has learned how to read and spell the following word wall words this year: a, I, am.  Please practice writing these words at home and locating them in books. 

Daily 5: We have begun Daily 5 centers.  These are literacy centers that we do each morning.  They work on a variety of skills at this time: reading, writing, fine motor skills, spelling, etc.  Once they are able to use the centers independently I will begin pulling small reading groups during this time (sometime in October is my goal).  While I am reading with small groups of children, the other students will be working with a partner at the centers. However, we must build up to this so that they are independent and not relying on teacher help during this time as I will be busy teaching small groups how to read and won't be able to help them at their centers.  That is why we just spend the next several weeks practicing before reading groups begin. Here are a few of the centers: 
Name writing center

Friends book center

puzzle center

Math: please check the Friday folder for homelinks you can work on to extend their learning in the classroom.  

Writing: this week we worked on writing letters and cards to students at Kohfeldt Elementary in Texas City, Texas.  Dr. Majerus will deliver the letters when he takes the donation items down next week.  

Makerspace Friday's: Mrs. Fitch, our media specialist, has Makerspace Friday's.  A Makerspace are collaborative spaces where students gather to get creative with DIY projects, invent new ones and share ideas.  She often tries to incorporate STEM projects (science, technology, engineering, math) during this time.  Makerspace Friday's are optional and are on a first come first serve basis.  Only so many time slots are available for the entire school so we won't be able to participate each week, but I do try and sign my class up often! This week we celebrated International Dot Day. You can find more information here about this special day. Mrs. Fitch read us the story and had a variety of art supplies for us to make our own dots.  She is going to display them in the media center.  


Have a great weekend!
Enjoy the warm weather!