Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Field Day Fun

BEU's 1st annual Field Day was a blast!
A special thanks to Coach C and Mrs. Nancy Farrar for the incredible organization of this event!
The kids had a blast and I think we were all worn out at the end of the day!
Check out some of the fun pictures below!

Our class also enjoyed a picnic lunch as our final Class Dojo reward!  It was a beautiful day for this!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Final Friday notes

I can't believe it, but this is our final Friday of Kindergarten!
Everyone always asks "are you ready for summer?"  My answer is always conflicted.  I am definitely ready to sleep in, lay by the pool, have time to exercise, travel, etc., but I am always so sad to let my "babies" go.  After 13 years of teaching, it never gets easier!  I am always smiling, but also tearful on the last day of school.  It will be especially hard to let the first group of "Beulah Babies", as I have lovingly called them this year, go.  They always giggle and love when I call them this.  I loved all my years at my former CPS school, but there is just something truly special about Beulah Ralph and I am so lucky to be a teacher here!  So yes, I am ready for summer, but I am also sad to say good-bye to the beautiful children you have trusted me with over the last 9 months. They are all unique and special in their own ways and have grown so much!  I love each and everyone of them and will always remember them and how special they are.  I hope they will always remember their Kindergarten teacher as well. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful year of amazing memories!

Please check the Friday Folder for the following:
*Math games you can play with dice and a deck of cards

*Invitation to our Kindergarten program

*Math assessments from this year

*Class play-dates this summer

*Things to do this summer

*Summer Slide note

We ask that all students wear one of their BEU shirts on Thursday for the Kindergarten program.  If they don't have one, no worries.

Field Day Monday: students MUST wear tennis shoes.  We recommend gym type shorts and a t-shirt (no skirts or dresses).  It is also a good idea to send a beach towel, as they will get wet. They can also wear a hat or sunglasses.  Sunscreen is also recommended.

The kiddos did a WONDERFUL job on their end of year spelling test today.  I showed all of them how they did and they will be coming home with the report card on Thursday.

Check out the craft they are bringing home today.  They each told something they were proud of from Kindergarten.  I'm proud of ALL of them!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May Citizen of the Month

Congratulations Alex!
He was chosen, by his classmates, as our final 
Citizen of the Month for Kindergarten!
We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Last full week of Kindergarten!

It was exciting to walk into our classroom on Monday morning and see that the butterflies had come out of their chrysalis over the weekend! We soaked a sponge in sugar water to feed them throughout the day and on Tuesday we released them outside in the grassy area next to Thornbrook! What a truly special way to end our Service Learning Project!

Our class earned the final K-2 "Fast Pass" award on Monday during the Monday Morning meeting in the gym.
This award is chosen by recess and lunch supervisors based on who they think do the best job at recess and lunch.  It also means our kiddos get to go through the lunch line first AND we get to keep a stuffed animal Timberwolf in our classroom!

On Friday, we took a whole school picture on the playground representing the 1st year at BEU.  This will become a yearly tradition.  The kiddos thought the drone that took the photo was super cool!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week love!

for an absolutely wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week!
I loved the gifts of flowers, snacks, school supplies, pampering and unique, personalized gifts from so many of you and your sweet children! You definitely spoiled me!
The greatest gift is being able to teach your amazing children every day, all wonderful in their own individual way!  Being a Kindergarten teacher is one of my biggest blessings in life!

Forces: Pushes and Pulls Science Unit
We finished our fun science unit with Mrs. Fitch this week!  Ask your kiddos to tell you about the following vocabulary words they learned in this unit:

Thank you to the parent volunteers who helped during this fun unit!
Check out some more fun pictures below!

Service Learning Penny Drive
This week our Service Learning Penny Drive ended.  During math time we counted the money using a hundreds mat.  We learned 100 pennies makes $1.00.  Every time we filled up our hundreds mat, we dumped those pennies into a small ziplock bag to help us know we made $1.00. We had a lot of ziplock bags by the end of our counting!  Our class alone collected $102.89!  Way to go!  We will get a final count next week, but we are estimating that our Kindergarten Service Learning Project made around $1,000 to give to the Missouri Department of Conservation to help the Monarch Butterflies!  This includes the penny drive and donations for their butterfly feeders the night of the spring concert!

Hard to believe there is only a week and a half left of school! We are cramming in lots of fun during that time!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May Lunch with the principal

Congrats to Kolten!
He was chosen to have 
lunch with the principal for the month of May!

Yearbooks were delivered today!
We took time to look through them and sign autographs!
If you didn't order a yearbook, but would now like one, you can stop by the office on Monday to purchase one.

Today was our last day to check out library books.  
All library books are due back by next Wednesday, May 17th.

This week we watched our caterpillars make their chrysalis.  They are now safely in the butterfly net and we are anxiously awaiting the change!

Friday, May 5, 2017

We Love Miss Nemechek!

Thursday was Miss Nemechek's last day with us at Beulah Ralph.  
We have been so fortunate to have such an incredible student teacher the last 16 weeks.  She is a wonderful teacher and any school will be lucky to have her!  
We wish her luck as she graduates from Mizzou, moves back home to Colorado 
and her job search begins!

(photo and video credit: Kasey Laughlin)
Click play below to see a darling video

A few notes...

*Tuesday, May 9th, is our last library check out day--please make sure your child has their library book in their backpack that day

*Friday, May 19th, is our spelling test over ALL the words we've learned this year

*Monday, May 22nd, is Field Day

*Thursday, May 25th, is our last day (early dismissal) and Kindergarten fun and picnic with families beginning at 10:00 a.m. thru approximately 11:30 or 12:00.

Forces, Pushes and Pulls Science Unit
This week we learned about Forces, Pushes and Pulls.  Mrs. Fitch, our media specialist, helped us with this fun science unit.  We had lessons every day for about an hour.  We will have our last lesson on Monday.  Be sure to check out the science journal your child completed and will bring home on Monday.